$5,000 CASH - Never has it been more rewarding to be pro-life!

Sun, 10/07/2012 - 9:44pm -- Dr. Patick Johnston

Congratulations to Kevin Solveson of Westerville for winning the December 15 drawing of $5,000 that was made available by a generous, anonymous Personhood Ohio supporter.

July 4th drawing! We're very excited to announce our latest incentive to activate pro-lifers to gather signatures for the Ohio Personhood Amendment!


On July 4th, an anonymous friend of Personhood Ohio will give one of you FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS CASH!  For every 25 signatures you send us or every $25 dollars you donate to Personhood Ohio, your name will get placed in the pot one time. (For example, if you send us 25 signatures and $100, your name will get put in the pot five times!) On July 4th, we'll randomly pick a ticket from the bin and hand $5,000 cash to one of you!
Help us spread the word by forwarding this Email to others, and linking to it on facebook! We'll be advertising this exciting incentive on Christian radio and television. One of our board members, Dave Daubenmire, will be hitting the airwaves with "The Personhood Minute." We'll be visiting churches, festivals, fairs, religious freedom rallies, and Christian concerts, including Winter Jam! We are also planning a mailing to 55,000 politically-active pro-lifers in Ohio, placing a petition in their hands and motivating them to get signatures of pro-life friends and family. You can help us!
Don't put it off. Send us a gift today! Get signatures this week! There will never be a better time to "rescue those being led away to death" and "speak up for the voiceless" than now (Prov.24:11-12, Prov.31:8). So many dream of doing great things for God, but they want to wait until tomorrow. Do it now!

Although December 15th's drawing was made possible by an anonymous supporter, the next drawing on July 15 need not be anonymous. Does your business purchase advertisement? Purchase it with us! Donate $5,000 for the drawing and we will mention you in our radio, newspaper, website, and Email correspondence.

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