Aiming for the Target

Sun, 10/20/2013 - 7:01pm -- web

What is the target? "Liberty and Justice for All." Shouldn't pro-life leaders at least aim for it?

 On the website of the Ohio Right to Life, they celebrate that late term abortions decreased 30% in Ohio since the passage of their late-term abortion ban in 2011. However, overall abortions went up! That's not much to celebrate.

Moreover, their late-term-abortion ban has medical exceptions and exempts accomplices. It dehumanizes the preborn. If a physician performs an abortion after confirming viability through viability testing, he may be charged with a fourth degree felony (as punishable as killing a dog). If the doctor fails to perform viability testing, however, it is only a fourth degree misdemeanor. Thus, the law virtually guarantees that an abortionist would never perform viability testing before killing a viable preborn child, for only if he did would there be any meaningful punishment.

I hope the law saves babies lives, but according to the abortion stats since its passage, it looks like the same babies are simply dying earlier. But now they die with this pro-life law's permission.

Don't we all want every child protected by love and by law? If "the target" is liberty and justice for all, shouldn't we at least aim for it? Why does the pro-life movement continue to work so hard to regulate the child-killing, without ever even aiming for the target?

Pray for Personhood Ohio as we attempt once again this fall to urge pro-life and pro-family groups in Ohio to at least aim for the target of "Thou shalt not kill." 

Prayerfully contact Ohio Right to Life, the Ohio Conference of Catholic Bishops, Citizens for Community Values, Faith 2 Action, the Ohio Christian Alliance, and similar groups and urge them to help us get the Ohio Personhood Amendment on the ballot.