ALL children are a heritage from the Lord

Sat, 10/03/2015 - 10:55pm -- Dr. Patick Johnston

Dear friend of life,

Elizabeth pregnant with #10 I had the privilege of watching my 24-week preborn baby kicking her arms and legs in my wife’s womb this week. Ourtenth! When Elizabeth and I married 17 years ago, we were committed to have as many children as the Lord would give us—reserving the right to change our minds, of course. ;-) It has been almost an annual ritual for our family—all of us gathered around a puddle of urine on the bathroom counter, jumping up and down and squealing with excitement over a positive pregnancy test! Now, with my tenth on the way, we’ve never been more excited!

This one, we are happy to announce, is a girl! That makes six girls and four boys. I told Elizabeth she’s got to get pregnant at least twice more to give the boys a chance to catch up. My wife laughed, but I think the ultrasonography tech, when she overheard, would have incinerated me with her eyes if she could.

My wife has a shirt she likes to wear, which reads, “I grow babies… What’s your superpower?”

It’s an adorable shirt, but divulges a spiritual truth that we have lost. Children are precious, eternal treasures of infinite value. All our wealth, diplomas, trophies, cars and diamonds—it’s all gonna burn. We can’t take our stuff to heaven with us. But we can take our children to heaven with us. We have a power that even the angels do not have. We can reproduce spiritual, eternal beings that can serve God for all eternity.

Unfortunately, this power bequeathed to us by our Creator has been spurned and trampled upon with our contraceptives, our prophylactics, and our 1.2 million abortions a year. We contracept or abort away heaven’s best, eternal gifts for the crumbs of temporal waste. It is politically incorrect to expose the anti-child mentality behind “birth control”, but for 2,000 years of church history, the church has always stood strong on God’s Word on behalf of couples having a “full quiver” of children, and our compromise on this issue is yet another way in which we have become less salty. Did you know that the founder of the birth control movement in the West is also the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger? Did you also know that she was a pioneer of legalizing pornography and homosexuality? It is no fluke that our nation’s divorce rate skyrocketed and the birth rate first plunged below the “replacement rate” right around when Roe v. Wade decriminalized abortion. When a nation abandons children—whether through intentional infertility, child-sacrifice, or homosexuality—it digs its own grave, inevitably shackling the next generation with the chains of tyranny.

Speaking of children, Jesus says, “Of such are the kingdom of God.” Psalm 127 says, “Children are an heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them…”

Happy. Elated. Jubilant. Those are the words that describe my wife and I and our nine children as we gazed excitedly upon the countenance of our tenth child through that ultrasound machine and prayed for her to be blessed and healthy.

Planned Parenthood Outreach in Columbus It’s hard to fathom, but Jesus loves every single one of the 25,000 Ohioans and 1.2 million Americans aborted annually just as much as I love that little girl in my wife’s womb. No, actually, He loves them more! In Matthew 25, Jesus says He takes the assaulting of the weak and helpless personally—”As ye have done it to the least of these, ye have done it unto Me.” We have insulted Him with our abortions. We have spit in His face with our taxpayer-funding of Planned Parenthood. We have tread His love underfoot with our anti-child mentality that craves the things of this world more than the eternal things of God’s kingdom. We provoke Him to anger.

I believe that when God’s people bear children, when we serve “the least” of His children, when we try to protect the babies who are being led away to slaughter and pray for their protection, we give God a reason to have mercy on this land.

Will you join us in giving God a reason to have mercy on this land? There are some things you can do.

  1. Visit your nearest Planned Parenthood on October 10, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., to join Christians in loving protest. My family will be at Columbus’ Planned Parenthood, 3255 E. Main Street.
  2. Contact your state reps and senators and urge them to defund all abortion, not just Planned Parenthood.
  3. Print out the Ohio Personhood Amendment petition at, and get signatures of your friends and family to protect Ohio’s threatened children.
  4. Send us a much-needed donation online through, or mail a check to PO Box 126, Dresden, OH 43821. (Don’t forget to put the name of your employer on your check.)
  5. Pray for justice for the preborn, that the curse of innocent blood would be broken off our land. There will be no lasting mercy for us unless there is justice for them (Numbers 35:30-34, Deuteronomy 21:1-9).

If everyone reading this letter would get 27 signatures this October, and recruit one or two more signature-gatherers to do the same next month, we’d be on the ballot box in 2016. We can do it, in Jesus’ name!

Your servant for life and liberty,
Patrick Johnston