Ben Carson's endorsement of Monica Wehby heart-breaking

Mon, 05/26/2014 - 12:42pm -- web

Ben Carson endorsement of pro-gay-marriage and pro-abortion candidate Monica Wehby is utterly heart-breaking

Ben Carson's wholehearted endorsement of pro-gay-marriage and pro-abortion candidate is utterly heart-breaking.

Ben Carson has been a hopeful candidate for President ever since he spoke against "moral decay" and "fiscal irresponsibility" at a prayer breakfast on a stage beside President Obama. It has been suggested that this was the most painful 27 minutes Obama has ever had to endure. Carson has made strong pro-life statements in defense of the preborn (1), but as for anyone who claims to be "pro-life" we should judge them by their fruits - by all their words, not just the ones we like.

As it turns out, Carson is just another Judas who has no problem throwing lip-service to the preborn and to marriage and simultaneously endorsing pro-gay-marriage and pro-abortion candidates for office. He even gave a speech to lobby for Monica Wehby for the U.S. Senate. His justification of his unconscionable endorsement is what is most troubling to me (2). The GOP, according to Carson, needs to be big enough for pro-abortion Republicans. He doesn't have a "litmus test" - not even when it comes to the slaughter of innocent babies. Fully aware of her public positions, Monica Wehby, according to Ben Carson, has "a very good value system." (3)

Ben Carson assures us she's "personally pro-life", but, she justifies abortion in cases of rape and incest and for the health of the mother. She goes further and says, “I believe this is a personal decision between a women and her family, not a woman and the federal government." (4) Isn't that a justification of all abortion as long as it is a personal decision of the mother?

What abortion advocate, Dr. Carson, isn't "personally pro-life"? Frankly, Dr. Carson, it is the worst kind of betrayal to give lipservice to the cause of life and marriage and then spend your time and political currency lobbying for pro-abortion, pro-gay-marriage candidates for office, for its a betrayal that stains your hands with innocent blood.

To be reminded of the kind of evil that Dr. Carson says is fully compatible with "a very good value system", see