Guess Who's Opposing Personhood?

Wed, 02/08/2012 - 9:25pm -- Dr. Patick Johnston

Guess who's now opposing the Ohio Personhood Amendment? Surprise, surprise...

Dear Friend,

You need to know about an attempt by anti-choice radicals to put a dangerous constitutional amendment on Ohio’s ballot in 2012.

It’s called the “personhood amendment” -- but don’t be fooled. This is an attempt to outlaw abortion in Ohio, and we need to fight back.

Click here to sign the Ohio Democratic Party’s emergency petition to protect a woman’s right to choose!

According to the Columbus Dispatch, “The amendment would declare that a person exists upon fertilization of a female egg, outlawing abortions by giving legal status to a fetus.” In other words, abortion -- even in cases of rape or incest -- could be considered murder under Ohio law. This amendment is so dangerous that it even threatens some forms of contraception and in vitro fertilization.

Democrats have fought to protect choice for generations. And amendments like this one -- they’re popping up all around the country -- are the far right’s newest attempt to undermine the progress we’ve made. It’s an ugly attack on women in Ohio -- and it’s up to Democrats to fight back.

Please click here to sign our petition against the “personhood amendment” right now.

It’s important that you tell your friends and family about this initiative -- and that you encourage them to join us in fighting back.

I’ll be in touch soon with an update. But, for now, please make sure you’ve signed our petition.

Thanks for helping Democrats protect choice.


Chris Redfern
Ohio Democratic Party