In Honor of Norman Myers

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 10:51pm -- admin

This dear Christian brother came to my office during his wife Emma's appointment and handed me a stack of petitions he gathered at a gun show. Days after this photo, he had a stroke and was soon in the arms of Jesus. Please pray for his wife he left behind.

How many of you retirees spend your days entertaining yourself or consumed with your pills, your TV shows, your sewing hobby or your golf game, or your doctor appointments? I'm a doc - don't miss my p...oint and miss your appointment - but please consider what great things you can do with the time that God has given you. Norm Myers loved God as evidenced by his love for the "least of these", and he spent his time trying to rescue threatened children from death by abortion. Last year, he got permission for my family to sing and minister at his church and gather signatures after the service. Just a couple of months ago he gathered an offering in his church and sent us a much-needed check. Who will take his place at the gun show, at the concert booth, on his knees praying for justice for the preborn?

Will you?

Thank you, Norm Myers. I'll see ya in heaven, but not yet. The load is heavier since you've gone. The world is colder and the future looks bleaker. God, give us an hundred more like him please!

We are $1,200 short of paying for our recent mailing to 11,000 Ohio pro-lifers. Pray that the funds come in. If you would like to make a gift in honor of my friend Norm, visit

Thank you.


Dr. Patrick Johnston