Letter to a Catholic leader

Fri, 02/24/2012 - 9:16am -- Dr. Patick Johnston

This is a letter written to a Catholic leader about his concern that our Amendment doesn't prohibit contraception, nor protect the right of the Catholic church to not fund contraception. He was specifically concerned about our clause stating that "contraction will not be affected" by the Amendment.

Hello Brother,

The key point to remember in our "exemption" clauses" is that the killing of even one innocent child is not exempted. This protects every preborn child. Our mission is to stop the murder, not to inhibit contraception, protect the right of conscience, defund PP, forbid gay marriage, nor a host of other good things that should be done. I'm against contraception for my family, and have eight kids in 14 years of marriage (and four miscarried children in heaven.) I do not prescribe oral contraceptives. I think the church has failed God in contracepting away some of God's greatest blessing in life (Ps.127).

But contraception not murder. The argument has been made by abortion advocates and pharmaceutical companies that hormonal contraception causes abortions by disallowing the embryo from implanting into the uterus, but the evidence for this is dismal indeed. There is no evidence that the morning-after-pill, hormonal contraceptives, or even the IUD has ever killed one baby. Yet this is repeated in product inserts. There's plenty of evidence for the contraceptive modes of action of these products, but no evidence for the proposed abortifacient affect. Their arguments, and the arguments of pro-lifers like Randy Alcorn who has argued that hormonal contraceptives kill babies, greatly underestimates the ability of the corpeus luteum to overcome any endometrium-thinning affect of the exogenous hormone and prepare the endometrium for implantation six days after conception. See the AAPLOG's article on this subject here - http://www.aaplog.org/position-and-papers/oral-contraceptive-controversy/. Also, see the two articles linked on that page. It has been the pro-abortion camp's strategy to confuse genuine contraception and child-killing, and the wording of our Amendment insulate us against their well-funded and well-publicized lies. If hormonal contraceptives could be proven to prevent implantation, of course our Amendment would protect them; but the proof isn't there, and they probably do not.

My response to Catholic concerns about the "contraception" clause is "The key to protecting our right to conscience is to protect their right to life. As long as we continue to dismember and disembowel 25,000 Ohioans annually by abortion, without justice, we don't deserve freedom." We are way under-horrified about abortion, and we don't realize that it is Ohio's lawful and constitutional duty to protect the innocent within our own jurisdiction. We should love them as we would want to be loved, defend them as we would want to be defunded. They are the "poor" of James 2:1-13. They are the "least of these" of Matthew 25. This is the greatest human rights crisis of our generation.

Your friend and co-laborer,
Patrick Johnston