Need for Humility

Thu, 02/16/2012 - 10:56pm -- Dr. Patick Johnston

Tonight, I got an Email through our website. Our exchange, I think, demonstrates the need to be humble and rely on God, not the arm of the flesh, to win the battle for liberty and justice for the preborn. Humility is how you get God's favor, and God's favor - not superior intelligence, money, resources, or votes - is how you win.

I'll keep the poster anonymous since I didn't get his permission to re-post his comment. He's an attorney. Here's his brief comment.

email -
subject - Your lies
message - Stick to the truth please...

The article he cited indited me for falsely calling abortion the most common surgery in the country. After researching more thoroughly, I responded:

On Feb 16, 2012, at 9:50 PM, "Patrick Johnston" wrote:


Thanks for the update. I thought gallbladder surgery was the most common surgery in America after abortion. That may be true for inpatient surgeries, but not outpatient, but since abortion is an outpatient surgery, ya got me. I stand corrected.

Patrick Johnston

XXXXXXXXX responds:

I deeply respect your willingness to acknowledge this ... I also respect your belief that you are doing God's work. It was really a minor point in the overall debate on this issue. And for that reason I apologize for calling your mistake a lie.

This is more like the kind of discourse we should all maintain. Thanks.