One of the reasons the ND Human Life Amendment (personhood bill) failed and what Ohio can learn from it.

Sat, 12/06/2014 - 11:17pm -- web

(Taken from the Missionaries to the Preborn newsletter, Nov. 5)
"...The state constitutional effort to defend the preborn in North Dakota failed. After the legislature voted for it, and the governor signed it, the people failed to validate it. The vote was 64% against and 36% for. The measure simply read, "The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected.

Sadly those leading the effort decided to take the strategy to NOT talk about abortion or the preborn. An insane position. The people of North Dakota are opposed to abortion. But the leaders of the Measure 1 effort feared the press so they tried to convinced everyone that it would NOT outlaw abortion. Meanwhile Planned Parenthood, which spent 1.4 million dollars on a misinformation campaign against the Measure also refused to talk about abortion because they knew North Dakotans are against abortion. Hence, both the pro-lifers and the wicked refused to talk about abortion or the preborn.

Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion organizations actually spent the majority of their efforts spreading misinformation about end-of-life issues to see the Measure defeated.

So sad was the strategy and attitude of the pro-lifers leading Measure 1 that they ostracized us just days because we came to their state [to promote the Measure with large signs in the street and thousands of pieces of literature]. They worked against us and disowned us. This after they had welcomed us six months earlier. Again we see - how has compromise ever helped the preborn?"

Thank you, Pastor Matt Trewhella, for a concise evaluation.

What can we learn? Do not be ashamed to articulate the heart of God about the slaughter of the preborn. Our love for God, the father of the fatherless, is our primary motive. Do not be ashamed to speak about the killing, and about the innocent children being killed. Our love for the preborn is a secondary motive. Do not fight for measures with deceptive and subterfuge - we must stimulate the conscience of the voters to rise up and defend the preborn, and we can't do that pretending the Ohio Personhood Amendment won't protect threatened children. Do not fear the enemy - the child-killers and their minions in the press. Be bold!

Lastly, we must also have a presence in the statehouse to encourage our leaders to prioritize the Ohio Personhood Amendment and to agree to enforce it in defiance of judicial tyranny should we pass it. To learn more about this critical strategy, purchase The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates by Pastor Matt Trewhella. It is available through, or for a gift of $20 or more to Personhood Ohio this week.