The Secession Question

Mon, 10/28/2013 - 6:02pm -- web

We publicized a poll several months ago and found the results fascinating. The poll question read:

Mississippi passed a law that would have put the last remaining abortion clinic in the state out of business, by simply requiring that abortionists have hospital-admitting privileges. In April, a federal judge overruled the law, keeping the abortion clinic in business. DOES THIS JUSTIFY SECESSION?

1. Yes - secession is justified to protect the preborn statewide.
2. No - secession is not justified.
3. Maybe - secession might be justified.

A startling 78% of poll responders believed that "Yes - secession is justified to protect the preborn statewide." 78%!

8% said "No" and 14% said "Maybe."

That's 92% of poll responders who believe that secession is justified or might be justified to stop child-killing.

Many of our state leaders and pro-life leaders act as if our duty to submit to judicial tyranny is unconditional. It is self-evident truth that our first obligation is to God, and that our government's obligation is to protect our right to life and liberty. The Supreme Court is not God. We have no more duty to submit to judges when they say Ohio babies should die than we would if they ordered us to kill every one of our own babies after our first (like China's forced abortion policy). Some things are outside the judiciary's jurisdiction, and in such circumstances, state leaders have a duty to resist them to protect the innocent within their lawful jurisdiction.

Pastor Matt Trewhella has written a very helpful booklet called "The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates." This book defends the historical Christian doctrine of interposition, that lesser magistrates have the duty to interpose themselves between lawless tyrants and the people the magistrate is duty-bound to protect. We don't need to let Ohio's children die anymore. The Lord forbids it, the U.S. Constitution forbids it, and in such matters, "It is better to obey God than man" (Peter, in Acts).

For a gift of at least $25, we will send you Pastor Trewhella's ground-breaking new book. This offer expires on November 1. You can watch Pastor Trewhella speak on this subject here.

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