Senate Leaders and Ohio Right to Life show lack of biblical worldview

Fri, 05/04/2012 - 12:42am -- Dr. Patick Johnston

Ohio Right to Life's publishing of Sen. Tom Niehaus' comments on the Heartbeat Bill shows evidence that they are not seeing the situation of legal child-killing in Ohio through a biblical worldview. 

Niehaus' and Ohio RTL's point? The Supreme Court won't uphold the Heartbeat Bill, and that's why we can't pass it. (And don't you dare doubt our pro-life commitment, Niehaus whines!)

Would Niehaus believe that we have a duty to obey the Supreme Court should they order his infant killed, or to take "the mark of the beast?" 

The Supreme Court is limited by divine law and by constitutional law. Their rule is not supreme. When they rule that a "busfull of kids" must die every day in Ohio's abortion clinics, the God who declares "Do no murder" overrules them. In 2001 and 2005, the Supreme Court ruled that the states may not legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Do you know how many states have legal marijuana? Fourteen! And the Supreme Court isn't doing a thing about it, because the Supreme Court can't enforce it's own word. If pro-lifers - in our attempt to protect babies from being cut into pieces - can at least be as courageous as pot-smokers are to smoke pot, we could end abortion in Ohio this year! 

When the Supreme Court ruled in 1857 that runaway slave Dred Scott was "property" not a "person", and when the federal government's "Fugitive Slave Act" ordered runaway slaves in the north to be returned to their slavemasters in the south, were we obligated to obey? HALF of the Underground Railroad's activists were Ohioans - I'm proud of that heritage. We not only need to pass laws that protect these babies from being killed, but we need to resist tyranny when they tell us we can't. One of the reasons God destroyed a generation of Israelites is because they "sinned against the Lord... and walked in the statutes of the heathen" (2 Kings 17:7-9) - just like Niehaus and Ohio RTL want Ohioans to do today!