Whose Pants Are On Fire Now?

Sat, 02/25/2012 - 1:55pm -- Dr. Patick Johnston

A "Letter to the Editor" sent to the Cleveland Plain Dealer tonight.

Whose Pants Are On Fire Now?

A Politifact article in your newspaper indicted me several weeks ago for having "pants on fire" as a result of a comment I made in an interview that abortion was the most common surgery in America. It turns out that there are more cataract extractions every year than abortions. However, over the past four decades, more babies have died from abortion than cataracts extracted.

Your article falsely claimed that I said that abortion should be banned because it was so routine. I never said such a thing. Abortion should be banned in Ohio even it were only one Ohioan killed by abortion annually. We have a duty to protect the poor and the weak from the powerful and the strong, whether the victims be few or many.

This is my proper quote: "Ohio kills 25,000 innocent children a year, children with beating hearts and measurable brain waves who respond to their mother's voice. It's the most common surgery in our country, and you don't have to be in the dark about it or be left to ignorant opinion. Go to createdequal.net and watch an abortion - it's a horrifying thing that happens to a little child."

Your Politifact article is a case and point to my argument: the media censors the victims of abortion from the eyes of the public, and obfuscate the facts proving abortion kills a baby. So many holocausts - whether of Jews in Nazi Germany, African Americans in the colonial slave trade, or little babies in their mothers' wombs - happen because of a complicit and apathetic media fail to report the truth.

Dr. Patrick Johnston
Director, Personhood Ohio